The Biggest Upcoming Changes in the Online Gambling Industry


The online gambling industry has undergone some major changes in the last few years, but it seems like it’s been a while since we saw the introduction of any game-changing features. That could be set to change though, as there are some promising features on the horizon.

More Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are set to dominate the online gambling industry. Not only are they quicker, easier, and more accessible, but they don’t have any merchant fees, either.

This might not sound like a big deal considering they don’t typically charge you to deposit, but it could have a knock-on effect. It means sites will be able to offer bigger and better bonuses, such as the massive BetMGM casino bonus code or the many loyalty promotions available elsewhere.

It could also reduce the minimum deposit and withdrawal size.

Choose a Bet/Request-a-Bet Features

Live betting was a huge innovation for the sports betting industry but choose/request-a-bet features could be even better.

These features are already common throughout Europe and have been utilized effectively by many of the betting brands now operating in the US, including William Hill.

Simply put, these features allow you to request bets through email, contact forms, and social media. You can also use them to create your own in-game Parlay wagers. We’re not seeing these features in the US just yet, but that should change pretty soon.

More Immersion

Live Casino gaming is huge right now and its growth has been steady and certain for a number of years. It’s something that seems to attract most players and keeps them immersed, engaged, and happy.

As a result, it’s still growing and casinos are sinking huge sums of money into it. Live Casino gaming pits players against real dealers on real tables. They still play from the comfort of their own homes, but everything happens virtually.

Not only will we continue to see growth in this sector, but it may also incorporate virtual reality and/or augmented reality.

In other words, you could slip on a headset and enter a virtual casino. You can turn over cards with your hands, move chips around, and even engage with the dealers and other players. We have the technology to make this happen, it’s just a little clunky and requires heavy headsets.

The Online Takeover

Despite the prevalence of online casino and sportsbook gambling, the offline gambling industry is still much bigger. In fact, the difference is pretty immense, although it’s getting much smaller with each passing year.

Within the next decade or so, that should change. Many players are moving from offline casinos to online casinos. They prefer the convenience of playing at home or on their commute and as they tend to play more often and spend more freely, operators also prefer them.

That doesn’t mean that offline casinos will go away, but that they will become more online-focused, such as by giving players access to mobile casino apps as soon as they walk through the doors.